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Well it is two in the morning and again I am suffering a bit of insomnia. I read that something like this is common after surgery. However, I think it is because of my odd sleeping habits since I went in. I do not think that the hours I spend passed out thanks to my oxycodone helps any. In case, anyone is lost at this point sorry... I went in last Monday for a laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis. My doctor did find a moderate amount and was able to laser it out. All this and I got pictures! No, I am not kidding. Four glossy sheets of my insides with the endometriosis and after all nice and burnt. Charlz said it looks like fruit.. I don't think he eats much fruit so this makes sense. It’s a slow recovery time but it has given me a chance to catch up on my reading. So I figured it out prior to my surgery as I was stacking my books, that this term I have to read 32 books. That is why I am slowly going mad... if you see my brain oozing out of the side of my head please tell me. I hate when that happens. So the worst part of the surgery is that I had to miss Sadisco again. Charlz was in RI last weekend and regardless of all my whining and pleas said no I most certainly couldn’t go. I thought my stitches would look cool under black light. Well only, the ones near my belly button the rest you would not be seeing at Sadisco. I did get a chance to lend the great ///She/// a few cds so in a small way I was there. So there is my saddest spring break story to date. Ok I think my pill is finally kicking in because I cannot think anymore.
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