C-Phae (cphae) wrote,

Catch /26/ up

It is a new year and so much has changed already. I graduated in December with a BA in political science and a certificate of emphasis in international studies. The degree has yet to come though... it takes forever, I hear. Christmas was here and gone too. Everything happened at once. I got some great gifts and gave some... I hope Megan likes that sidekick charlz and I got her... anyways. Sadisco was on christmas night.. the theme was alice in wonderland... I went as a fetish queen of hearts... I had fun.. the best part was cutting cards and stringing them up with rexlace while my family looked at me as though I had lost it. So sadisco rawked as per usual... I am happy we missed the stripper but angry that I missed the contest because damn I would have won. Oh well Starlyn did so it is okay because I think she is sweet thing. So Ryan was in town.. it was great to see him again. We went to Dennys afterwords and took Ryan home. The next day Charlz and I went with Ryan and Shelly to see Lemony Snickets (sp?). I loved it and not just because of Jude Law. So um oh yeah my birthday was last Saturday. Last week was just packed full of fun. Charlz and I went to area51 on Thursday. The time just flew by as there were so many great people out and I never get to dance much anymore. Then Friday we went to Hot Pink which Charlz hates. This time we had a great time though. I think it makes a difference who else is there.. So my friends Katrinia and Aubrey (who drove down from Prescott) came to celebrate my Bday with me. Those grrls are the best! I love my hello kitty cell phone holder and panda calendar! So at everyones request (well Charlz and Katrinia mainly) I drank more then normal. I still hate the taste of it but I had two shots and did not feel like death or anything. So that was fun and we all went to 5 and D afterwords along with Shelly and Adrian. That reminds me we saw White Noise with Shelly and her boy and I have to warn everyone that the movie suxs! Oh back to the Bday report. Saturday (my Bday) my parents, sister, Charlz and I went to the world wildlife park. They have three baby white tigers and one baby ocelot. I wanted to take them home! The poor ocelot was all alone and you could see that he was meowing for his mother. Poor baby! I was impressed by the park as was Charlz. He wants to go back there the day after Valentines day. After the park we went out for dinner at the Elephant Bar. I love their tofu dish and everyone had a blast. I got some more great gifts.. my god am I spoiled. I love my LAMB wallet and all my Dior makeup and other goodies. Charlz got me a custom vinyl corset, top and bustle skirt. Now I have to send them all of my measurements and plan when I will wear it out.. maybe my Sadisco night in April... the big BlondeNoize dj debute... argh... fear. Sunday my family treated all of us the opera. Cosi Fan Tutti is one of my favorites and this was a wonderful production. It was my first opera matinee which was different but since it was at the Orpehum I didnt mind too much because it is beautiful. Ummm ok I think this is a little long... I start school tomorrow so I probably will update less... if thats possible. I wanted to write something meaningful but this just turned it to one long narration of what I have been up to... so now I am 26 and you are caught up on all my doings (well the main ones).
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