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I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but I don't know if I care anymore

So I graduate with my first BA next Friday. I say my first because I am doing so again in May with another.... its a long story. I managed to get sick just in time for finals and graduation. I sound like an old Bettie Davis right now. Monday I sang my aria for my german class so thankfully I got that out of the way before I became sick. I have three finals left. One is on Saturday... I think thats bullocks. I have some auctions up on ebay for my plastic hair falls right now but they do not appear to be too popular. I think I need to promote some more or something. The first of the year I am going to get a new site and do a real photo shoot for my lil company. I think that will help. I wanted to go to Anderson's tonight but unless its all of a sudden in vogue to look like the red nosed reindeer, I don't think that will be happening. My mom just told me that my cat does not like wine. She may be trying to get my cat drunk or just trying to make me laugh. I am over right now because I am sick and Charlz is at work. Well not everything has been the blahs. I got a chance to dj at last months Sadisco thanks to my teacher the beautiful Shelly (thats Dj ///She/// to you). I was so scared that I would kill the dance floor but she never left my side and my lil set went well. We picked BlondeNoize for my Dj name as it was an idea I was kicking around for Shelly and I. I get a full set in April at Sadisco so I am hunting down the music like a mad woman. Ok I think I lost my point.... and I am certain my cat may be drunk by now.
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