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chaos and skinny puppy

So the past few weeks have been chaos. First off I was in midterms which I was freaked out about then my mom ends up in the hospital. They removed her appendix and she is recovering... but things are still stressed. I am at least. Graduation in December is only two months away and I just want to curl up on the coach and play video games with Charlz till then.... but I can't. The Skinny Puppy show kicked a$$! I didn't realize we had that many people here... I theorize that we don't and they came from else where... maybe my imagination. Anyways, it was great seeing people that I thought were abducted by aliens... and who knew Ogre was ripped? I have this projekt Friday for German class where we must represent some part of culture or whatever at the schools Oktoberfest. I forced my group into covering music... meaning good german music. I am to represent the industrial and power noize end of things... industrial was easy.... and I have several noize bands that I want to mention but was wondering if I could get any help from some noize freaks out there. So send me some pictures, suggestions, anything just make sure its in German and I will be your slave. Well I should be working on my mass paper for POS 465 but I am not. Well I was.... and I will be again shortly. I don't think this post had a point but then again do any of them.
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