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the Cphae rant of the day!

Home from school again today as per the doctors orders. Its funny how many times I have been to that office in the past few weeks. I should just live there. Umm.. no. This weekend Charlz did some massive cleaning at our apartment. He took care of me too and bought me some count chocula. Yummy.... even if it is made with gelatin and therefore I am supposed to boycott it... i can't its once a year. Well not the best argument. Oh well. My asthma has improved even the dr noticed and now I have a nice sinus infection as result. I hope this will be short lived as I can't miss any more school. Midterms are in our midst and so is my boo boo's birthday next week. Everything happens at once. Charlz and I talked about going to LA to see Icon of Coil and celebrate his bday but he wants to stay here and just spend the day together. I am going mad in attempt to get my website up and running for my lil business. I forgot everything I knew about web design! The page now is ugly and I apologize... argh. I have my annoyed ears on. I think i need a nap... which translates into me putting more time into working on my site and not homework or health. Till the next rant....
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