C-Phae (cphae) wrote,


Ich bin sehr mude. ...and thats enough Deutsche for today. I have a monster German test tomorrow and have to makeup my CIS 180 test afterwords. Today is not even half over and I am already stressing over tomorrow. I am in my POS 465 class currently. After this I am supposed to meet with the group for this class (the koalas) but half of us are missing. Following that I have voice lessons and with my asthma as is I don't know if I can sing at all but shall make an honest attempt to. Lastly I end the day with the history of the english language at five and then have to jet over to the coffee plantation for the first AUSE meeting. When did I become so busy! And the afore mentioned reasons are why I am always so stressed. I went to the doctor again yesterday and did a new type of treatment which I now have a script for. If this doesn't work then I will be put on steroids which I want to avoid. All of this means that Charlz and I will have to miss the Strand show this weekend. The smoke and activity would probably kill me... hell, walking to class or up the stairs does it.
Ok I do not know what my teacher is talking about. I should probably pay attention now... stupid aim is not working so I can't talk to Charlz. Annoying.
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