January 31st, 2007


The rest is just a clock.... ticking...

To those who don’t know…. I will be back in LA this weekend so to my friends in CA call me. I will be at Das Bunker Friday night and in town all weekend. The sunbear and I want to take a trip to the Getty. I hope this happens. My wonderful brother has once again offered his home to me and my friends. I wish he lived here… Laza just makes me happy. Lucky for me he has the time off. The only part better then getting to spend all the time with Laza is that this weekend they are doing a video shoot for Combichrist. If you know me then I need not explain further. I will miss all my friends and Friday night area51 and tranz club hop with Poodle as well as my Saturday Glam crew. Looking forward to some exciting stuff in the future but I will keep those a secret for now. The day after I return from LA I have a procedure/test scheduled at Scottsdale Hospital Shea. This test should determine the extent of the cancer and thus surgery. I did get some report from all the other tests I have had recently but I don’t want to spoil this post nor my mood talking about it.