The S*crew is all tied up over this one and its finally almost here. S*plit personality's have never been more appealing then here at the S* asylum. Take your meds slip on your straight jacket and get locked away in our mental wards. Let the good doctors and nurses strap you down as your resident S* DJs are on call all night. Shock treatments provided by Hazing Ritual, To Mega Therion, and Vuxnut. Full lobotomy's at midnight.
"I didn't say this wouldn't hurt, I just said I would make you feel better one way or another".
-Blonde N0ize


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This months FREE cd compilation is a non stop mix of S*Asylum anthems to electro shock yourself to badder health. Featuring hard to find interludes by Aliester Crowley all mixed by S*s own 5ARAH!

Plus along side the normal gives will be a limited amount of Pill Brigade live @ Clockwork S* DVD's!

Drink specials:


P.S. You want to come because you may even find yourself in hand with a FREE pass to this...

Lets go creepy-crawling

Welcome to the Garbage Dump


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I hate you.

Still an obsession

Another Sadisco* has past and I again cannot wait for next months. Pretty pony party! I am going to be the my little pervy pony. I have to modify my outfit a little because I am going to be performing with Grindwhore. This is going to be made of awesome. Oh and now for something funny...


Carcinogenic Beauty

I had almost forgotten that I have cancer… I have been running my body into the ground the past few weeks by forgoing sleep and staying up all hours dancing and whatnot. It hit me yesterday on the ride home that I cannot do this anymore. I need to slow things down a little but I am reluctant to do so. I forgot what it was like to be this happy. I don’t remember the last time I felt this way. As I lay in the hospital this morning being prepped by too many nurses and my anesthesiologist I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I feel as though I have been living a double life and in some odd way that pleases me. Currently my mind is still fuzzy from the anesthesia. I feel tired and dizzy. I teach tomorrow morning and then start my first night tending bar at Glam. I am looking forward to that. I hope my body doesn’t let me down. Wednesday is the Sadisco* freak lab photo shoot with two of the most talented photographers I know. I am bringing all the film I have from my various tests and hope to incorporate those into my shoot. I am carcinogenic beauty. Too bad I couldn’t have Joi and Justin there this morning. I kept thinking that would have made a great picture. With the IV and all the tubes in my nose and mouth. That was my last thought before the anesthesia kicked in. So I will leave you with the same one now.

The rest is just a clock.... ticking...

To those who don’t know…. I will be back in LA this weekend so to my friends in CA call me. I will be at Das Bunker Friday night and in town all weekend. The sunbear and I want to take a trip to the Getty. I hope this happens. My wonderful brother has once again offered his home to me and my friends. I wish he lived here… Laza just makes me happy. Lucky for me he has the time off. The only part better then getting to spend all the time with Laza is that this weekend they are doing a video shoot for Combichrist. If you know me then I need not explain further. I will miss all my friends and Friday night area51 and tranz club hop with Poodle as well as my Saturday Glam crew. Looking forward to some exciting stuff in the future but I will keep those a secret for now. The day after I return from LA I have a procedure/test scheduled at Scottsdale Hospital Shea. This test should determine the extent of the cancer and thus surgery. I did get some report from all the other tests I have had recently but I don’t want to spoil this post nor my mood talking about it.

i got a bowling ball in my stomach

Ok its another Monday and its been about a year since I have updated my LJ. My stomach is in knots right now. I am waiting for the results from my radioactive scan last week. I don't feel as though I have any residual cancer cells but I never felt as though I had cancer although I know now I have lived with it for years. I want to to get the results before I make any further plans to move on with my life. Although I am more then ready... I hope to be feeling up to going out to the new synth pop night at Homme tonight. I love Chris and want to support his night but if this feeling does not go away before then I think I may have to stay in bed. I am tired of sleeping but I do feel better after a nap so perhaps its nap time. Ok this is the worst rambling ever... cancer kills your brain. There goes law school. Any other ideas what I could do with the rest of my life?
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Sorry I have neglected my LJ but for some reason I just end up posting everything on myspace. If you have not found me there please add me. My user name is Cphae. A quick update: I am trying to get into law school right now and my life is a mess of LSAT practice exams, law school applications and doctors. By March of next year all of this will be over. Hanging on till then.

Friday yeah its the 13th but so what?

Its the day I graduate with my second BA. I am thinking this time I will fall down the stairs. I have been posting most of my rants on myspace... as you probably figured out you can find me there as Cphae. So thats where I have been... any questions? OK back to my papers and finals. Its all over Wednesday night at nine. Can I get an "amen"?
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Canada's largest seal hunt in 50 years and what you can do to stop it

Please visit the website listed below and sign the petition to stop the slaughter. I warn you that these sites contain heart breaking images.

IFAW PDF Report:
The Petition Site:

In regards to the sea food boycott I found the following web site:

I am still researching this but can tell you that Red Lobster is on this list of those that buy their sea food from Canada. There are many brands listed on the above web site as well as other interesting stories from the pelt industry. Hope this helps.
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